Q. How can I make a donation?

A. Either pick up a form in Sawbridgeworth Tuck Shop or click here for a copy of the Standing Order Donation Form (MS Word)

Q. In the recent reports from Sri Lanka and other countries who are re-building after the Tsuanmi, there seems to be a two price tier being paid for materials and contractors - one for the locals and one for the Aid Projects. Is this true for the Sawbridgeworth build?

A. I am informed that what you say is true, however in this case Sister Benignus who is the 'project manager' for want of a better title is calling in many favours from priests and local people. I am assured we are paying lower than the local rate and having seen the new pictures I am sure that is right.

Q. There is a rumour that the Council - Herts or Sawbridgeworth are paying for the orphanage.

A. Councils are not allowed to spend the tax payers money on this sort of project.

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